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Welcome to Leet Link Enterprises Inc.

IntimateClick Now Supports Payments with Bitcoins

I am very pleased to announce that via BitPay the users at IntimateClick can now purchase account upgrades and/or credits with Bitcoin! This is important news because Paypal is not available in every country of the world, and Bitcoins are.

Also we have plans to improve the site in the near future, so watch out for them! If you are a member and have not liked the site's Facebook page, do so if you are a user of that social network. We will post news updates to that page that are relevant to the dating site there.

We're Proud to Be Supporting Open Source Software

I'm proud to announce that Leet Link Enterprises Inc. will be donating five percent (5%) of all it's sales in the future to the Oxwall Foundation, which is behind Oxwall, an open source social networking script. This script powers both IntimateClick, our Christian dating site, and Network Amigo, our social networking site. It will help the innovation going, and support the growth and development of this awesome piece of software.

Leet Link Is Supporting LifeNews.com

As the President and CEO of Leet Link Enterprises Inc, it is my pleasure to announce that we are going to be supporting LifeNews.com, a pro-life news site. They spread the truth about abortion, euthanasia, and other related issues. I am pleased to announce that replacing our 10% donation to The Christian Network (which is no longer going to become a Canadian charity), we will now donate that money to LifeNews.com. If donation amounts exceed Paypal's $10,000 limit, we'll just have to write checks! Since LifeNews.com is based in the United States, we will receive no tax banefits currently for supporting them.

I am also pleased to announce that IntimateClick has a new Facebook page. You will be able to get news and announcements there if you like and follow the page on Facebook relating to that site in specific.

We Are Looking to Sell Some Domains

We are looking to sell the following domains via Sedo:<,/p>

  • adultfuncenter.com
  • canuckgamers.ca
  • canuckwriters.com
  • convenientblog.com
  • foodratings.info
  • leetspace.com
  • networkamigo.com
  • unlimitedfanfiction.com
  • unlimitedfiction.com
  • workboardcenter.com

If you are interested in purchasing any of them, just visit the domain in question to get started, or contact us and we can work out a deal.

IntimateClick is Back and Ready for New Members

Our dating site, IntimateClick, is back and is now ready for new members. The new website is for single Christians who want to find their soul mate God has planned for them. It has more features than the old site and should be faster as well, as we switched dating scripts and are running the site on it's own server.

Right now we are accepting payments for credits and Premium memberships via Paypal, though we will be accepting Bitcoins in the near future via Bitpay. All photos, users, and avatars are moderated before being allowed on the site, so you can be assured that only appropriate content will be available.

Head on over to intimateclick.com and sign up today if you're Christian, single, and looking for God's match for you!

IntimateClick is Almost Back

IntimateClick (intimateclick.com) is almost back. I am just waiting on my login credentials to the site where I can download the software which will be running the site so that I can upload it to the server it will be running on, followed by my setup of the site.

I am feeling confident that it should be fully operational and ready for users by the evening of Sunday, March 8th (this Sunday). I will post a news announcement here when that is the case.

IntimateClick Is Coming Back

Greetings everyone!

After a lot of thought and review of the data, I have decided to shut down Leet Link's marketplace because no sellers had registered. However, my company isn't dead yet.

I have decided to bring back IntimateClick, however it will not be WordPress and BuddyPress powered. I have decided to go with a different script that will cost me around C$700 (US$549 exact). It will take me a few months to save the cash, so keep an eye out here for the announcement, and follow us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube where we'll announce when IntimateClick is back online and is ready for registrations!

Take care!