Player Crunch is Now Open

We are very pleased to announce that Player Crunch is now open for registrations! Player Crunch is a family oriented community for gamers of all ages. It features an arcade with contests in the near future, videos, reviews, news, and more to come.

Player Crunch also features two leaderboards: One for the most active gamers, and one for the members with the most tokens (the site’s internal currency). Tokens will be redeemable in the future in a shop for cool products, and they will be needed to pay for contest entry fees.

All reviews posted there will be obligated to warn if a game contains any adult materials (drinking, smoking, nudity, etc.), and thus will help parents decide what games are appropriate for their children to be playing. Also no adult-content is allowed in the community, with a ban as a result if anyone breaks the rule.

If you’ve been looking for a family safe community for the gamer in you or your life, why not check out Player Crunch today?

Open Again For Registrations

Once again, Believe Beloved is open for registration once again. Things have changed since we switched from Oxwall to WordPress, and you will notice them right off the bat:

  • A completely new look to the site thanks to the Custom Community 2 theme and the Ultimate Member plugin (among others)
  • Denarii (plural of Denarius) is the site’s currency, replacing the old credits (and you can use them to pay for premium memberships when they come back 😉 ), as well as an option to pay via alt coins (eg. Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.) (or in the future credit card)
  • No groups (should return in the future, but no promises)
  • Events are now shown on the calendar, with the latest five showing in the widget. Until we get the Community Events add-on, email a site admin to add your event to the calendar.
  • Private Messages and chat is gone for now, but private messages will return.
  • A shop is now available, and soon will be open to vendors to offer products for sale for a commission fee.
  • No activity wall, but will return in a few months so watch for it, as it will be on the home page!
  • No more video or photo tabs. We will work to bring back photo galleries for individual members in the future.
  • When you fill out most social profile fields in your profile, a corresponding icon shows up beneath your photo on the members page.
  • No followers or friends, but will be returning in the future as well! 😉

All in all, I look forward to the new site here and to those members who will choose to join this site in the future since we are once again open for registrations! 😉

Long Term Global Headquarters

I wanted to take today to ask questions that will influence the company’s long-term plans for our global headquarters, which we plan to eventually build here in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. I posted a question about this to the forums in our Christ-centered social network, Believe Beloved; so far I haven’t seen any responses to it. We would like feedback based upon these questions:

  1. We plan to include a water park/aquatics center in the design. What features would you like to see in it?
  2. How much would you be willing to pay to use the facilities each time? For a membership pass that gives you unlimited access for a year?
  3. Any non-aquatics center features you would like to see in the design (fitness center, sports shop, etc.)?
  4. Is there anything you would not want to see?
  5. Anything else that is related that you would like to tell us?

At this point in time, our plans are still very flexible and will incorporate the feedback you provide. When we are closer to making the plans a reality, we will post a news release here at our site.

Profile Covers Now Available

I am pleased to announce that profile covers are now available on Believe Beloved, similar to that of Facebook or Google+. If you choose not to upload a cover image, one of the default covers will be shown at random on your profile. Profile covers will shown in your pictures as “Cover Images”, and should be a minimum of two hundred seventy-five (275) pixels tall. Below is what my profile looks like with a profile cover I chose to add yesterday.

Nathan's profile cover
Profile covers example

As you can see, they also show your gender, age, and anything you wrote in the “About Me” box on your profile. Ideally, you could put your favorite Bible verse, or like me, your work title and employer in that area.

I have also added some new forums, and made the Lounge not viewable to guests as it is an off-topic forum and intended for our members only. I also added a forum for our ad-free members as another way of saying thanks for the support they show by subscribing to a paid membership. If our staff grows big enough in the future, I will also consider adding one for them.

Don’t forget I and the rest of the staff welcome feedback and comments from our guests and members. If you have anything to say, please let us know via a comment here or via the Contact Us page at Believe Beloved.

Credits Now Active

I am pleased to announce that credits are now active and available for purchase (via the current installed gateways) at Believe Beloved. Most actions will result in users gaining them, and for just joining the site, users will get a one-time bonus of 100 (one hundred), and a following 50 (fifty) every year on their birthday.

Messages and chatting is still free to do, and some gifts will not require any credits to be spent. Others will require credits to be spent, as well as the following things:

  • Searching users will cost 50 (fifty)
  • Creating a new group will cost 75 (seventy-five)
  • Adding a new event will cost 25 (twenty-five)
  • Playing a game will cost just 5 (five)

Clearly playing a game will not be that draining on your account – you can earn that much just for logging in every day, posting in the forums, or posting a new picture (to name a few things that earn you credits)! Also making new friends and inviting your fellow believers to join and hook up with you just got more appealing as every friend request you send gets you an additional 25 (twenty-five)!

Currently we have four different credit packs for purchase via Paypal or Bitpay at the moment. They are:

  • 100 credits for $25
  • 250 credits for $37.50
  • 500 credits for $45
  • 1000 credits for $55.50

If users want larger or smaller packs, we will consider adding them in the future. You can find out how many you have and buy more by going to My Dashboard and looking at the Quick Links as shown below:

user credits screenshot
Where to find My Credits on My Dashboard

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to use the Contact Us form at Believe Beloved to send us a message. We hope that you all have a great day, and if you are a believer, choose to check out Believe Beloved today.

Arcade Games Available

I have the pleasure of announcing that arcade games are now available at Believe Beloved for everyone to play, but only members may leave comments and record high scores on the games. Games can only be added by staff members who have the necessary permissions, and each game will be evaluated before we add it to make sure it fits the nature of our social network. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

arcade games screenshot
Screenshot of the arcade games at Believe Beloved

The staff and I welcome members suggestions for new games to be added to the arcade. They should be games that have an embed code, as that’s the type of games the arcade plugin supports. Games should not be violent in nature, have foul language in them, or deal with adult content in order to be approved for addition to the site’s arcade.

I look forward to seeing people enjoying the new feature of our Christ-centered social network. May you have a God blessed day today and every day!

Happy Canada Day

I would like to wish all of our fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day today on our nation’s one hundred forty-eighth birthday today. May you all have a God-blessed and safe day with your friends and family.

It is also my pleasure to announce we have added yet another category for crowdfunding at Believe Beloved: Medical Costs. This is for helping those who can’t afford to pay for their own health bills and who are not covered/not fully covered by insurance. This excluded abortion though, as it goes against what our company was founded on and stands for. Creating such crowdfunding projects is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, and will result in the member’s account who created it being suspended on a permanent basis.

New Categories Added for Crowdfunding Projects

As the President and CEO of Leet Link Enterprises Inc. and the Head Admin of Believe Beloved, it gives me great pleasure to announce two new categories have been added for crowdfunding projects at Believe Beloved. They are:

  • Mission Projects
  • Church Buildings

I believe both categories are self-explanatory, so I will not bore you with the details.

Also, if you have an idea for Believe Beloved, feel free to contact me (Nathan P.) or if you are a member, post it to the forums in the Suggestion Box forum for discussion. No good ideas will be turned away!

As the needs arrive, we will be using email to keep in contact with site members, but you can always unsubscribe from those emails if you choose (a link will be provided for that purpose).

Thanks for your time!
Nathan Pinno, President and CEO

McAfee SECURE Trust Mark Shown

The McAfee SECURE Trust Mark will now be seen at Believe Beloved to the first 500 visitors to our site each month. This shows that our site is safe and regularly tested by McAfee against threats online, and is a safe place for our visitors to hang out. This is important because I feel showing people they can trust Believe Beloved is very important, and it would be good to make new visitors interested in joining the site. The site will be monitored to protect against the following threats:

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Phishing attacks
  • Other malicious activities

Those who have McAfee’s extension for Chrome will also be shown our site is safe. I hope to be able to purchase the upgrade in the near future to allow all visitors to see it (instead of just the first 500) and as well here at Leet Link, but right now, it is something my company cannot afford.

I would also like to take this time to thank David for the awesome work he’s done at Believe Beloved with the new logo and changing the fonts. The site is looking more and more awesome every day thanks to you and to those who are choosing to join our Christian social network!