Find Your Life Long Companion at IntimateClick

If you are still looking for that special someone in your life, look no farther because we have the site to help you find that person. Last night, we launched IntimateClick, our new dating site aimed at helping people find their life long companion. It’s free to use as long as you want, but if you want to experience the site fully, you will need to purchase a membership, which do not automatically renew at this time. Memberships range in price from five dollars for one month to thirty-five dollars for an entire year. All of the paid memberships allow access to the same features, so you can choose which one best fits your budget at the time of purchase.

We are just a quick message away if you need support there, and you can follow us on social media to get updates about the site. All of our profiles will be from genuine people, as we feel that is the best way to go – genuine people to meet each other.

Stop wandering around and get started meeting people today at IntimateClick – where you can find your life long companion.

We’ve Merged Most Social Presences Together

Here at Leet Link Enterprises Inc, we do not have a social networking team to handle multiple pages and accounts for each one of our sites. After careful thought and consideration, we decided to merge most social presences together, with the exception of Believe Beloved on Twitter. So if you see a game review or a new story announcement on our social pages, just remember that all of our sites share the same social pages on most of those three major sites (as well as on LinkedIn).

Considering that all of them can be considered as divisions of the company that share the same staff, it makes sense now. Down the road when we actually have the staff and time to manage individual pages, we will consider bringing them back. It also simplifies advertising on Twitter, as Twitter requires a verified phone number in order to advertise on its site.

We’ve got much more in store this week, so watch out for more announcements later this week and before Christmas this year.

Unlimited Fan Fiction is Now Open

I am pleased to announce that Unlimited Fan Fiction, our alternate to, is now open for registration and posting of new stories. It also pleases me to announce that AlternativeTo has accepted it as an alternative to on it’s site.

If you don’t see a fandom, character, or warning that you need, please use the Contact Us page there to request it, and we will be happy to add it to the site as we welcome suggestions from our users as we manage and maintain this new site that is completely ad-free for the rest of time.

Remember The Fallen Today

The staff and I would like to wish all of our visitors and customers a Happy Remembrance Day today. Please remember those who gave their lives for your freedom today as you enjoy the time with your friends and loved ones, and be safe in whatever you choose to do today.

Announcing Red Planet Four

As the President and CEO of Leet Link Enterprises Inc, it is my pleasure to announce the launch of Red Planet Four, a new project here at our company. This project is aimed at sending a crew of four astronauts to Mars by the end of the year 2025 – one decade from now. The website will feature space news and articles related to space exploration especially articles related to the case why we need and should send a manned mission to the red planet.

We chose the name ‘Red Planet Four’ because was taken, Ares (the Greek equivalent of Mars) Four sounds like a video game, everyone knows Mars as the red planet, and a crew of four is ideal for a mission to Mars. We will explain why we feel a crew of four is the best number for a mission to Mars in one of the articles we are planning for the new website.

Besides advocating for a manned mission to Mars, we will also try to fund research aimed at helping such a mission be able to launch. Such research will help ensure that a manned mission to another planet is as safe as human technology and know-how can make it.

I firmly believe that such a goal is possible, so please join me and Leet Link in advocating for a manned mission to Mars within the next decade.

We’re Supporting Two Additional Charities This Month

During the month of November, we have decided to expand our charity donation program to cover two more charities that we love. Each will receive 10% of our profits, just like we support every month. The two additional charities that we are supporting this month are Operation Christmas Child, run by Samaritan’s Purse, and the Movember Foundation.

Operation Christmas Child ensures that poor children in third-world countries receive something special at Christmas time. Donations help keep this afloat by paying for shipping and other related costs of moving the donated full boxes to the countries where volunteers hand them out to the children. By donating to this cause, we are ensuring those children who would normally get nothing at Christmas time get something special and have a chance to hear about Jesus.

The Movember Foundation raises awareness around men’s health, both physical and mental. Mental health is a big issue for men – 510,000 are estimated to commit suicide every year – that’s one man every minute of every day taking their own life! Another big issue is raising awareness about prostate and testicular cancers and fundraising ways of defeating them – it’s estimated that 1,700,000 cases of prostate cancer alone will be diagnosed by 2030! By helping raise funds for this organization, we can change the face of men’s health for the better!

Join us in November and help us raise money to support these great causes this month!

We’re Considering Switching to BuddyPress

I was taking a look at BuddyPress plugins for our ad-free alternative to FanFiction.Net, Unlimited Fan Fiction, when I happened to stumble across a plugin that made me considering switching our other three ad and membership enabled sites Unlimited Fiction, Player Crunch, and Believe Beloved to BuddyPress from Ultimate Member. It’s called BP Premiums and it works with WooCommerce to sell upgrades for various parts of BuddyPress and plugins around it like BuddyDrive.

BP Premiums needs to add Member Levels (with a way to specify which level(s) hide ads) before I can make a decision about switching from Ultimate Member to BuddyPress for those three sites. If so, it would save me the cost of buying the premium add-on bundle for Ultimate Member as BuddyPress has those features by default or with plugins that are free. I would have a bigger reason to keep my WPMU Dev Premium membership active for the company (even if I use it here on Leet Link’s site for private messages without BuddyPress), but it would be another eventual expense for the company to pick up from me (since I don’t use WPMU Dev plugins at my blog).

BuddyPress would also enhance the privacy features of the sites, allowing members the ability to choose what level people needed to see various items on their profile (unless it was locked by the admin at a certain level) and on the activity stream. It would also enhance the social features immediately with support for groups and private messaging among other features.

If I do decide to make the switch, you can be certain I’ll announce it here and at each of the sites when I switch each one over to BuddyPress from Ultimate Member. First I need to see the features I want before I can make my decision for the company’s future – BuddyPress or Ultimate Member.