Happy Canada Day

I would like to wish all of our fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day today on our nation’s one hundred forty-eighth birthday today. May you all have a God-blessed and safe day with your friends and family.

It is also my pleasure to announce we have added yet another category for crowdfunding at Believe Beloved: Medical Costs. This is for helping those who can’t afford to pay for their own health bills and who are not covered/not fully covered by insurance. This excluded abortion though, as it goes against what our company was founded on and stands for. Creating such crowdfunding projects is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, and will result in the member’s account who created it being suspended on a permanent basis.

New Categories Added for Crowdfunding Projects

As the President and CEO of Leet Link Enterprises Inc. and the Head Admin of Believe Beloved, it gives me great pleasure to announce two new categories have been added for crowdfunding projects at Believe Beloved. They are:

  • Mission Projects
  • Church Buildings

I believe both categories are self-explanatory, so I will not bore you with the details.

Also, if you have an idea for Believe Beloved, feel free to contact me (Nathan P.) or if you are a member, post it to the forums in the Suggestion Box forum for discussion. No good ideas will be turned away!

As the needs arrive, we will be using email to keep in contact with site members, but you can always unsubscribe from those emails if you choose (a link will be provided for that purpose).

Thanks for your time!
Nathan Pinno, President and CEO

McAfee SECURE Trust Mark Shown

The McAfee SECURE Trust Mark will now be seen at Believe Beloved to the first 500 visitors to our site each month. This shows that our site is safe and regularly tested by McAfee against threats online, and is a safe place for our visitors to hang out. This is important because I feel showing people they can trust Believe Beloved is very important, and it would be good to make new visitors interested in joining the site. The site will be monitored to protect against the following threats:

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Phishing attacks
  • Other malicious activities

Those who have McAfee’s extension for Chrome will also be shown our site is safe. I hope to be able to purchase the upgrade in the near future to allow all visitors to see it (instead of just the first 500) and as well here at Leet Link, but right now, it is something my company cannot afford.

I would also like to take this time to thank David for the awesome work he’s done at Believe Beloved with the new logo and changing the fonts. The site is looking more and more awesome every day thanks to you and to those who are choosing to join our Christian social network!

Ad-Free Memberships Now Available at Believe Beloved

I am pleased to announce the launch of ad-free memberships at Believe Beloved. The only differences between them and the default free memberships are is that they are paid for via either Paypal or Bitpay (more payment processors coming in the future), and that ad-free membership owners do not have to view the ads at all while they are this type of member (same goes for staff, but that’s to avoid staff from accidentally clicking the ads). The prices (in Canadian dollars) and length of memberships available is as follows:

  1. 30 days – $5.00
  2. 90 days – $12.50
  3. 180 days – $22.50
  4. 365 days (or 1 year) – $40.00

Paid ad-free memberships do not renew themselves automatically, but you do get a warning 5 days in advance that your ad-free membership is about to expire if you wish to renew it.

I have also updated the join and login pages on the site. Some will probably claim that it resembles Facebook, but I say that Believe Beloved is the Facebook for disciples of Christ (without the bad stuff which can lead believers astray). ๐Ÿ˜‰

Believe Beloved is Now Live

I am pleased to announce the launch of Believe Beloved, our Christ-centered social networking site. As the days go on, more features will be added to the site and will be announced here as they are added.

It was moved from here at Leet Link because David said that he had a hard time wrapping his mind around the name as a Christian social network, and after a while, I had to admit he had a valid point. Remembering when I asked people what they thought of the name and it’s connotations, they suggested it made them think about hackers, which is not what I want people to be thinking about. Could the connotation be changed? Yes, but it would take longer than I would like to take.

Believe Beloved was the second name David came up with, and when I asked a fellow brother in Christ which name he prefered out of the three we had come up with, he said that the one we went with was the one that suggested Christian social network to him.

If you are looking for a Christian alternative to Facebook and Google+, why not check out Believe Beloved today?

Crowdfunding Project Launched

I would like to announce the launch of our newest crowdfunding project to get Leet Link off the ground. I am asking for $250,000 by June 1st, 2016 (one year and a day from today). You can donate to the project here, and you can choose to donate via Paypal or Bitpay at the moment. The money raised from this project will go towards fulfilling the following needs:

  1. Starting paying for the staff salaries.
  2. Paying for hosting for the website.
  3. Purchasing and development costs of plugins to enhance the site.
  4. Paying for advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Google to get our site and it’s purpose out to people would may be interested in becoming members here.
  5. Last, but the most important, spreading the Good News of God’s kingdom to the lost of this world.

I appreciate those who will be donating to this crowdfunding project to help us get off the ground. Thank you for supporting a business founded on Biblical principles! ๐Ÿ˜€

New Staff Member David

I would like to take this time to welcome my brother in Christ Kawika “David” Mallonee as the new staff member here at Leet Link. He is an expert in PHP, and has a lot of experience working with WordPress. I have made him a moderator at Leet Link, and as such, he will be helping ensure that the Community Guidelines of the site are followed, and can suspend those who choose to not follow them. He is also an editor here at the blog, and as such, will help post new articles here which are related to Leet Link and our purpose.

I look forward to working with David in the future as a fellow staff member, and seeing what will happen with us working together to further the kingdom of God by improving this place where believers can meet in a Christ-centered atmosphere. With him as a new staff member, anything is possible and the future is bright.

Avatars by Gender Now Available

I am pleased to announce automatic avatars based upon the user’s gender! This means within five minutes of registering your avatar will change if you choose not to upload a profile image. Males will receive this avatar:

male avatar
The male avatar

Females will receive this avatar if they choose to not upload a profile image:

female avatar
The female avatar

This will help our users differentiate between the two genders, as before both received the same default avatar. We hope you will like this change at Leet Linkย and will consider joining our Christian social network today.

Blogs Removed From Leet Link

I made the decision to remove blogs and the blogging ability from Leet Link today. It was a decision that I did not take likely, but I took all these factors into consideration:

  • There are still the forums, groups, and statuses to allow public communication, and messages/chat for more private conversations.
  • Spammers have targeted the blogs before, and there is no available way at the moment to moderate them before they are made public.
  • Other social networks rarely have blogs, and there are still free blogging platforms out there right now (WordPress.com and Blogger both come to mind).
  • I only deactivated the feature, allowing blogs to return in the future if I decide to purchase the Premoderation plugin in the future.
  • My time is better spent working on other features (and looking for interesting articles to share here) than monitoring for spam in the blogs.

I will likely add polls and avatars for each gender (male and female) next to the site. If blogs are to return in the future, it will be decided by a members only vote at the site itself.