Big News Today

New Theme at Believe Beloved

Leet Link is pleased to announce the switch to the Thrive theme at Believe Beloved, and the new homepage for that site. Also changed is the logo and the menu layout. Below is a screenshot of the new homepage.

believe_beloved_new_themeThis is a better look than it had before and we encourage all believers to check out this Christ-centered social network today.

New Social Marketplace Launched – Gate 90

I am also pleased to announce the launch of our new social marketplace, Gate 90. It is open for all who are willing to obey the Community Standards, and if you wish to sell in the market, you will have to register as a vendor after registering an account. It is what we imagine what it would be like if Google+ and Amazon were combined into a single site. Below is the homepage.

gate_90_homePlease be advised that we will be adding features in the future, so watch for the announcements!

We are planning on adding contests to Player Crunch within the next two or three months, so please watch out for that announcement as well here!

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all of our visitors and the members of our various communities a Happy New Year! May 2016 be a blessed year for you, and may you enjoy today with family and friends. We look forward to serving you in the following year.

Announcing the Relaunch of Player Crunch

As the President and CEO of Leet Link Enterprises Inc, it is my pleasure to announce the relaunch of our family-oriented gaming community, Player Crunch. The look has undergone a massive overhaul, as well as the addition of more community features like activity feeds, groups, and gold (the site’s currency). You need gold to create a new group, play a game, or to send a private message to another user, but many activities will give you gold in return. If you do run out of gold, or need more for something, you can always purchase more gold via CoinPayments or Payza.

Initially I had decided to not launch the site until after I had integrated contests, but have now decided to integrate them in the new year, and open the site today for registration. I should announce the first contest there in the new year, so if you are a gamer who loves to see how you stack up in an official contest with prizes on the line, what that site for the announcement! 😉

We’ve Removed The Shops

We have decided to remove the shops from all of our sites to focus on memberships for our communities. All the sites you are used to will be keeping their current theme as we will be using the Membership 2 plugin from WPMU DEV for our needs (except for IntimateClick which has support for Paid Memberships Pro built-in to its theme already).

This does remove all of our fundraisers, so we have decided to donate 5% of all our sales each month to SML Radio (an online Christian radio station) as we removed their fundraiser at Believe Beloved on top of the 10% we donate each month to We are still planning on changing the Prayer Requests plugin there and adding features to Believe Beloved, as well as adding other features (and hopefully another payment gateway other than checks) to Player Crunch and Unlimited Fiction. In fact, we are hoping to open Unlimited Fiction to registration in the new year. Watch out for the announcement here for that, and for other changes as they come!

Happy Hanukkah!

We would like to wish all of our Jewish visitors and customers and those of a Jewish background a Happy Hanukkah today. May you enjoy this holiday with your family, friends, and loved ones, and may it bring you much joy and happiness. May you enjoy the festive times and may it bring you many happy memories for the years to come.